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Happy Birthday to you baby girl!

I love documenting the milestones of little ones. This video is Sierra’s collection of portraits of her turning two years old. Which hardly seems possible because, it feels like it was such a shot time ago that I photographed her first 48 hours while she was still in the hospital.

If you would like to start having milestone portraits of your little ones, I would love planning with you your ideas for the most wonderful pictures of the most precious times in your child’s life. Please go to my Contact page to get in touch.

This was one of the sweetest sessions ever. I hung out with this beautiful little family shortly after their baby girl was born. Loving every minute watching them fix avocado toast, cuddle on the couch, and play together on the floor with baby.

Lifestyle pictures are so special and sentimental because they capture time and place. Later when we look back at images like this we remember fondly the little kids, the little house, and the newness of our lives. For me these are the best and so much fun. I like pretty smile at the camera pictures too, but I love the lifestyle images the best.


So, if you have a special event or no event at all but would love some lifestyle photographs of you and your family please give me a call. I would love to create with you a sentimental treasure.





A lovely thought on babies from Winnie the Pooh

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh,

“a new baby is probably,

undoubtedly the grandest gift

that could ever be.”

I am now making music videos of the highlights or the sweetest and best shots from lifestyle sessions.
Below is a precious collection of three newborn shoots so you can get an idea of what you’ll receive with your photo shoot.

All my 2017 spring sessions will come with a video, no matter what session you book.
It can be family, sweetheart or engagement, birthday, newborn, or any photography needs you have.
I hope you enjoy these, please go to my contact page when you’re ready to book.



I don’t believe you can ever have too many pictures~

A little while back I had the pleasure and honor of photographing twin baby girls. These sweet little angels are just that, Angels! During the entire session they were perfect little models, completely cooperating with everything I had planned for them.

The sweetest thing about this session besides the girls themselves was they were being photographed in their family heirloom christening gowns. After dressing and positioning  them on my posing pillow I just had to try and capture the 1950’s style baby portrait. I adore these dear little girls. And their photographs are precious to me because they invoke a nostalgic remembrance of a photographic style I love and miss.

I could just melt every time I look at these little beings being so perfect~


Sometimes when I’m out taking pictures I will see a story in a group of images. Not necessarily a true story, a little more like a story that could be perceived or a fantasy. On this one foggy afternoon while taking pictures of my grandson in the harbor I saw a story of a young boy daydreaming about sailing.

If you would like family photos in the harbor, get in touch.  A perfect location for your holiday cards.