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Hi I’m Nancy. I love all things creative, especially photography. It makes me happy to make beautiful photographs and even happier when the subject of the photo loves their pictures.

I specialize in family, baby, children, teens, and maternity sessions. If you need a wedding done I will gladly recommend a photographer for you.

I have a Passion Project. Actually I have quite a few projects that I am passionate about, but right now the one I am sharing and working on is my “Senior Portraits” project. And I mean real seniors, over sixty-five years old.

I am Sixty-five years old and as much as love the pictures of me in my thirties and forties it’s not who I am today. My children and grandchildren will love those pictures of me too, but they will also want and love pictures of me as I change with age, because at each age we are different to them and the photographs at different ages will be the invitation to reminisce the joy and beauty of having a real senior in your life.

I was inspired to do this project shortly after becoming very serious about photography. I started to notice every time I was in someone’s home that professionally taken photographs were when the children were very young and through the school years. People in general just don’t think portraits after the kids are grown and gone are important as they used to be.

So, we visit friends in their thirties and there are only professional photographs of their eighty-five year old grandparents in their forties. What happened? Oh, sure there are current snapshots around in little drug store frames, but not one beautiful portrait that would be a keepsake treasured by all taken in the last few years.

Now I take beautiful photographs of real seniors and gift them the images. My project is well received by most subjects and their adult children and grandchildren are delighted for the gift. If you are a senior that would enjoy being a part of my project please call me to make arrangements.






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