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Last week I spent an evening with this wonderful family on the shore waiting for the perfect sunset as the backdrop of their photography session.

3Y7A4095-2Well, that never happened but the fog rolled in and gave us some beautiful misty images.





With a gray sky for our background and a misty veil of gray covering the ocean and the shore everyone stands out beautifully.

That’s why I love taking pictures on cloudy days. And the good news is we have weeks of beautiful foggy beach weather left here in Half Moon Bay. If you would like a family session on the shore this summer please get in touch and we can schedule you.

I had so much fun with this family capturing sweet moments and sharing in some warm laughter. These were just a few of the many very lovely photographs from this shoot.

Having fun this summer with family and friends? This proud daddy is, he just enjoyed letting me create a very special Father’s Day photo collection.  His little girl will be able to look back someday at sentimental and treasured images and feel her special “Daddy’s Little Girl” bond.3Y7A1850-3

So, if you are thinking you would like to have a Father’s Day Session with your children too, let’s plan something!

Late spring is the perfect time of year for very special photographs of warm sunshine, green and flowery fields, and dear little ones.

3Y7A0572This week I did something really special with this young mom. We shared a little time together and created something that was heart warming and will bring back memories of this time forever … photographs!

3Y7A0638You can do what this mom did too and I would love to do it with you!


Mother’s Day is just a few weeks a way. If you want a photo with your little ones or of your little one, now is the perfect time for sweet, natural, no pose, just play with your child in the meadow grass in Half Moon Bay. I would love to share in the making of beautiful childhood memories for you and your family. For information email

I love the spring time! It’s fun time, so much newness all around. Fields, meadows, and hillsides along highways are bright  green and neighborhood gardens are bursting with color. It all makes me want to photograph everything! Spring photos have their own special quality  that inspires me.


This is one of my favorite spring photographs. I love photographing pre-school aged children because their expressions can be so thoughtful, even though we all love that perfect smile. Sometimes a mother sees something like this and knows exactly what her little one is thinking.

I would love to capture the special personality of your child too.